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Updating Home for Spring

The full-blown Springtime is here. Time to swap your home decor after the winter is over. You now need to get a beautiful and dreamy style of your home decor line to welcome the spring season in a lovely way.

The majority are itching to forget every decor that reminds them of the winter. They need to add more color, cheery and bright colors.

Here are a few tips for creating a spring bedroom:

Update your bedding

The winter is over; you don’t need the dark-colored bedding anymore. Pack those flannel sheets and heavy blankets and replace them with airy, fresh, and light bedding.

Give your bedroom a thorough clean

Your bedroom might be suffocating due to the winter dust. Take time to add dust off the windows and shake off the rugs. You can as well replace the rugs to create an entirely new look. Are the bulbs in good shape? Replace the burnt-out ones for better lighting. Wipe out the crannies and nooks too.

Flower vase

People rarely place fresh flowers on their nightstands. You can use a mix of white tulips with hypericum stems. It gives a very excellent look to your space.


Bedding, blankets, rugs, and curtains are budget-friendly; therefore, you can easily dress up the bedroom this spring. Add a few bright and colorful spring curtains, bedding, and potted greenery. It feels like blooms and sunshine!

Change out the artwork

You should now take down all the artwork that has fall and winter scenes. Switch them up with colorful and bright pieces. The light colors will feel as if you are adding a window to your bedroom.

Take Away

It’s time to refresh your bedroom to reflect the time of year and change of weather, from changing the sheets to adding seasonal color and decor to compliment the outside temperatures.